I’m Justin Jeffries

A Growth Marketing Expert

Helping Build World-Class Teams, Iconic Brands, and Fueling Business Growth

Tech Savvy

Just as artists and home builders must know the tools of their craft, so do marketers.  I understand what evolving tools the modern marketer uses to reach, influence and engage with audiences around the globe.

Vision & Creativity

The world is more interconnected than ever and requires thinking, strategy, and creativity to provide engaging content that eventually turns prospective customers to enthusiastic advocates of your brand.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlocking The
Power of Todays Best

Modern methods allow better control for finding the right audience than ever before.   Understanding and leveraging these tools and techniques creates more impact from your investment while engaging current and potential customers with content that builds your brand.  Move your audience from targets, to prospects, to customers, to advocates!!

SEO, PPC, & Audience Retargeting

Social Media, Audience Development, & Profile Targeting

Digital Fencing and IP Targeting

Email, Database, Drip, and Automated Marketing

Content Strategy, Development, & Scheduling

Customized Direct Mail

Diverse Media: Text Ads, Banners, Video, Landing Pages, Literature, Webinars, Podcasts

Measurement, Tracking, Analytics, and ROI Analysis

Team Building

Understand the work to be done and the talent appropriate to reach your goals.  Find and develop the right mix of technical expertise, creativity, & positive attitude.


Provide a vision, goals to reach, and an environment that is enjoyable long term that rewards success.   Encourage life-long learning and personal growth.


Craft and master the modern methods that leverage your marketing results.  Commit to continuous life long learning and always be prepared for the next chapter.


Align your goals and results. Measure your activity, campaigns, and performance to know real-time progress.  Be realistic, transparent, and commit to improve.

Marketing is complex, what type of tangible results can be expected?

Digital marketing offers many options and requires technical expertise, but it also allows for visibility.  In the past successful marketing was based on gut instinct.  Today we have the ability to track the success of campaigns and projects based on analytics to improve results in real time. 

Be in front of competition on Google

People literally build their daily lives around a mobile device and Google searches.  Being ahead of your competition for the concepts that relate to your business and your customers problems allows you to have the first chance to provide solutions, influence, and connect.

SEO, Google Ads, and local search are critical to understand and leverage.

Engage where your customers are

Social media platforms encourage people with like interests and common connections to build communities, have conversations, share their work, their lives, and express opinions.

Becoming part of those conversations ( active or passive ) allows your organization to better understand their needs and better position your brand.

Find those groups, demographics, and profiles to participate with and promote.

Wow customers with your responsiveness

Email, text, and automated marketing platforms allow new ways to be able to quickly respond and proactively predict customer needs.  

Route them to people and resources faster.  Allow customers to find answers for themselves under your brand.  Send timely messages and reminders.  Guide your customers through complex concepts.

Design better communications around the way your business and your customers interact. 

Ahead of the curve convenience and value

With mobile devices becoming a world-wide preference for digesting information and with custom video now at the forefront it is important to keep pace.

An entire new generation finds your brand more valuable if you can serve information that is attractive on their mobile phones and with short videos.

Make it relevant and useful.  Answer questions and help solve their problems.  You will become their go to expert.

Be seen as the expert and authority

As stated above, if you can develop consistent quality content that answers your customer’s questions and provides them with valuable insights, then you become the expert in their mind.

When the time comes when they truly need help they will think of you.

People remember you by name

People don’t have trouble recalling “that big Cola company” or “the insurance people with the lizard”.  The reason is that these companies will not let that happen.

Companies that brand and do it consistently reap the long-term benefits.

Most organizations don’t have the budget of Coke and Geico but in today’s world you have the option of only branding to segments and niche’s that matter to you.

Commit to consistent niche advertising and you can gain the advantage of customers quick recall.  You don’t have to break the bank. 


About Me

I was raised in the small community of Liberty, Kentucky where I quickly learned the lessons of transparency, community, hard work, and helping your neighbor.  I’ve lived in the Louisville Metro area for nearly 30 years after graduating from the University of Louisville on a Golf Scholarship.

Family is what is most important in my life.  My wife and I have three great kids and we are active at school and in the community.

As time allows I still like to play a round of golf ( not often! ).  I try to stay fit, follow my favorite sports teams, and catch up with friends.  I also like keeping up with science and technology whether in real life or on the big screen.


Mobile (502) 523-0756


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